A note from the curator

Like you, feel like I can't wake up from an endless nightmare. I've tried volunteering, writing postcards, donating money, and protesting, and yet I still feel totally angry and hopeless and I'm tired of it. Most of the people I know, love and respect have been affected by the current administration, and it has made me lose interest in the narrative, art historical, hopeful exhibitions I've done in the past...at least for now.

I wanted to do an exhibition online because I wanted it to be about ideas and not commerce; I want thoughts instead of commission. I want people to get together and actually talk about what the fuck we are going to do, instead of clinking glasses of cheap white wine and patting ourselves on the back. And above all, I wanted to be inspired to do better.

-Lori Zimmer

Launching November 8, 2017

FCKVRYTHNG officially launches November 8, 2017.

Artists- has the trajectory of your work changed direction since the current administration has taken power? I'd love to hear your story, please email me at fckvrythng.com@gmail.com . Thanks!